Why are circuit boards green ?

Printed circuit boards first began being developed in the early 1900s.
• The earliest versions were constructed by just simple wires that connected components together by a series of pegs or “posts”.
• This was very unreliable as these connections would often crack and degrade over time.
• As techniques improved manufacturers needed a non-conductive yet durable substrate with which to lay the copper conductive traces upon.
• One of the cheapest solutions was fiberglass that was bonded with a glass reinforced epoxy-resin, and since this glass natural colour is green, the boards would appear green as well.
• Coincidentally this is the same reason early bottles of cola were green – it was simply the cheapest way to make them.
• This circuit board construction material came to be known as FR-4. The FR stands for “Flame-Retardant” and is the most widely used PCB material.

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