Ever wondered what would happen if scientists and mathematicians, way ahead of their time, such as Ramanujan, Henry Moseley, Riemann had lived a little longer than they did? What if there was some way to preserve their consciousness and intelligence to use in the future?
Such a mind-blowing concept of human intelligence surviving their bodies was brought to the mass audience by the movie Transcendence in 2014!
Dr. Will is a scientist who researches the nature of sapience, including A.I. He and his team have been working to create a sentient computer but things come to halt when Will is shot by a terrorist organization. His wife, Evelyn, also part of Will’s research, decides to upload Will’s consciousness onto the quantum computer to keep him and his intelligence alive.
Will, with his vast knowledge and profound capabilities, enhanced after connecting with the internet, produces nanoparticles capable of removing pollutants from the environment along with great advancements in the fields of biology, medicine, energy.
We may be decades away from an attempt to something like this but we sure have come to the technology where a chip can be inserted in the human brain. A recent example is Elon Musk’s start up Neuralink working on a chip that could allow people with neurological conditions to control phones, computers with their mind which could eventually be used to help cure conditions such as dementia, Parkinson’s disease and spinal cord injuries. The long-term ambition is to usher in an age of what Mr Musk calls “superhuman cognition”, in part to combat artificial intelligence.
Earlier in 2015, a research team led by Dr. Alper Bozkurt of North Carolina State University, created “Cockroach Cyborgs” by hacking their antennae and thus transforming them into remote-controlled creatures. The cyber roaches could be used as a mobile search and rescue team to help find survivors during natural disasters, thus having the potential to save human lives.
Credits: Krushi Panchal

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