What is that you ask???

Another new venture of IETE this year :p.We at IETE are launching a new magazine"ZENITH at the peak always"This being the inaugural year we are open to all types of articles-tech or non tech,stories,poems.So guys and girls what are you waiting for??? Raise your pen and display your writing skill ,and get a chance to put your article publish in the inaugural magazine.

Following team , who all are working for the inaugural edition of ZENITH are:
Chief Editor-           Jignesh Gavale 
                                  Mohita Rathi

Editor-                      Kritika Sabarwal
                                  Soumil Rao
                                 Jinal Shah
                                 Aashika Shetty
                                 Darshit Doshi

Creative Team-      Ameya Thombre
                                 Shubhankar Kulkarni