All of us have been to different places with friends, family etc. but you ask anyone whose been on the IETE I.V. and he’s bound to say –“This was the best trip of my life”. Actually, even that would be an understatement!!

I’m sure those who missed the I.V. are tired of hearing the fun that we had .Still to make you feel a bit more guilty here’s a quick recap:

I.V. kicked off at the L.T.T. station- some parents were seeing off their children as if they were going to war!!


The train journey is indescribable –playing cards, staying up all night and pulling each other’s leg are some things you do when you aren’t fighting for the window seats- the Konkan scenery is breathtaking.







1ST Destination – Cochin

 It was Marine Drive that was first on the list. It’s grandeur equals the Queen’s Necklace here in Mumbai and the whole coastline as well as the gigantic ships docked at Cochin Shipyard could be seen from the cruise. The highlight was the DJ party on the deck of the cruise. It’s a time when it is proved that “Anybody Can Dance”. Next up was the Jewish street – it is a place which is really pristine having handicraft stores, Jewish synagogue and people of Jewish origin. 


2nd Destination – Allepey


The backwater seems endless and is one of the biggest in India. Even Dal lake of Kashmir is miniscule- just to give you an idea!!Surrounded by coconut trees on all side and the beautiful houseboats on all sides the ride in the ferry is refreshing.




 3rd Destination – Munnar

The tea gardens stretch all through the mountains and seem unending. The view of the valley from the hotel was simply-AWESOME. The I.V. was at Tata Tea Gardens where we got to know how tea leaves get processed –every step is explained in detail –crushing, grinding and finally the separation of leaves based on quality.

The high- point was the Market – it is chocolates and spices galore – HEAVEN for chocolate lovers. The dark chocolate is mouth-watering. Treading the hills when it is pitch black is exhilarating .



Final Destination- Kovalam

Personally, my favourite . White sand beaches, a towering lighthouse and crystal clear water. It was super exciting to topple as the waves hit you hard and I can’t say enough about water sports- the adrenaline rush was at a whole new level.


The sea food was amazing –fish fry, fish chukka and fish curry is a must have. The variety of fish on display was  truly mind-boggling.



The excitement is more in the journey than the destinations.

All the moments that I shared with my friends is something that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. You basically eat, sleep and stay with your friends. It’s a time to make new friends and strenghthen ties with your old ones.

The planning and organization was top- class thanks to the commitment and dedication shown by the I.E.T.E committee. Sitting on RAC seats while we were sleeping comfortably , providing us with the best hotels possible and always putting us before them are some of the many things we all admired and are thankful for.


So  to all my F.E. and S.E. friends – please do go on the I.V. atleast once – its something that you can’t miss.